Stuffer Shack

Stuffers used to be called “Fast Food” or “Munchies” or any number of types of names. A Stuffer is a quickly made, “heat&Eat” type of food or one that is vended from a vending machine, such as the ice cream like “Sloppies” which is like a soft serve sandwich that can be served hot or cold. It is a type of soy-food. There is a suite of flavors, textures, and types of food, all of them inherently messy but served up similar to a Slurpy.

Stuffer Shacks are corner convenience stores found across the Seattle metroplex and the UCAS. They operate 24-7, and sell food, clothing, and entertainment – all disposable. There are a number of automated machines and some sections that you need to go up to the counter to buy.

The best way of thinking of Stuffer Shack is as an enormous vending machine crossed with a Wal-Mart. Nearly anything civilian legal can be bought at a Stuffer Shack.

The Stuffer Shack stores are a subsidiary of Aztechnology. They are infamous for their uneducated, miserably paid and therefore unmotivated personnel.

Stuffer Shack

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