Thistle (Owl Shaman)

Elf Owl Shaman


Thistle was born an Elf with her identical Twin Sister (who was human and nearly an elf in appearance). She was always seen as a bit touched. Seeing things there “weren’t there” from an early age. As a child she felt that the frequent medical check ups that she had to endure were simply silly. She always felt fine. Other than her sister her only friends were her “Invisible Friends” (Spirits). Her Invisibles always claimed that she had a destiny, never telling her what it was. She was a wild child and prone to wandering. After puberty she felt the Invisibles call most strongly and was taken to talking to them out loud. This caused others to get into fights with her, her sister always stepped in and seemed to always know where to find her when her parents couldn’t find her.

One time while her sister was away at a school function that lasted a WHOLE weekend she went wandering. The spirits lead her to someone that needed help. That someone was a large snowy owl that had somehow gotten trapped in a ruin. She helped the owl and followed it deep into the woods. It was their she met Owl and was claimed as one of her own. Since then she has had a MUCH stronger connection to the spirits and has even befriended 3 of them. While she can call on other spirits those three never failed to come to her. Being part of Owl, while she was a child, she never told her secret to anyone but her sister.

One day when she was about 18, a man dressed in leathers and feathers came to their door, it was night and she was living with her sister, attending a community college becuase she was told she had to. The man bid her to come with him that her friends wanted for her to learn about magic. He took her deep in the woods for several days and brought her to a sweat lodge and taught her about the spirits and the medicines (magic) of the native peoples. Being an Owl Shaman she was taught to keep the teaching a secret even from her sister. She “was just lost” to her sister, who searched for a few days and nearly was expelled from college due to her sister’s search. Thistle explained that her Invisibles needed her to see the full moon in an unspoiled land and that she needed this journey and that because of this “Vision Quest” she was now a full Owl Shaman.

Thistle (Owl Shaman)

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