Sea Hag (Nerssa)

Ork, Mage


Nerssa was born a part of twins. Her sister Thistle was born and elf and she was born looking fairly elf like but still human. Having found to be magically talented she studied the magical arts at the University of Seattle, her parents and Aztechology paid for her tuition.

When she entered puberty she Goblinized from a near elf into an Ork. This unusual combination of Identical Twins, one Elf and one Ork has sparked many conversations among the Scholars of Aztechology and she and her sister were subject to a genetic examination to further learn the difference in genetics of this. Disargreing with some of the proposed extreme tests that were suggested, including DNA, RNA, Bone Marrow, Blood typing, and even the attempt of neurvous system samples (including brain stem and brain samples) prompted her parents to sue the company and stop this invasive investigation. Having won their suit and prevented any nerve tissue samples or bone marrow samples a trust fund was set up for the twins. The trust fund paid for Nerssa’s Scholarly training and she spent several years in intense study of both the magical arts and other educational pursuits. This has served to isolate her from some of the realities of corporate life. Her parents were transferred to an Aztland office. Nessa has since lost contact with them. The corporate excuse is that they are “On Assignment”.

Nessa recently graduated with a Masters in Thaumaturgy and is pursuing a Doctorate but funding of the scholarship is nearly out, unless she dips into her sister’s portion of the trust or pursues a carer in Magic as a Wage Mage or other magical occupation.

Sea Hag (Nerssa)

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